Practical guide


Just like for the other three trails, this trail starts in the centre of Theux (Rue du Pont et Place Pascal Taskin) which you leave via Rue de la Hoëgne then Rue de la Bouxherie which becomes a trail. This takes you straight through Marché (Institut Saint Roch Theux) through a small tunnel under the railway line.

When facing Institut Saint Roch Theux, turn right, cross the level crossing then the bridge over the Hoëgne and take the first left along the wide path running along the river for approx. 150 m. At the next crossroads, turn left then right, just before the railway line.

Take Quai du Wayai (pedestrian street overlooking the river) which allows you to cross the village of Spixhe away from almost all traffic. At km 2.3, the path takes a right angle to cross the Theux-Spa SNCB railway line once again. Follow the latter for approx. 400 m before taking the hairpin on your left. Zig-zag through the forest for approx. 2 km which takes you up (steep paths and ravines).

When you reach a pit (on your left), open your eyes and ears: you are entering the Bois de Staneux with its hidden forest with the only sounds being singing birds and the murmur of ferns that flourish at the foot of majestic Scots pines.

At km 9.8, you leave the forest to descend through the meadows. In your line of sight, the Polleur viaduct (E42 Battice-Prüm) under which you pass before joining a small paved road on which you turn left (be careful along the road as you may come face-to-face with a vehicle. For your safety, come to a standstill before tackling the road as visibility is very restricted).

You pass under the viaduct before climbing the slope. A steep path marked by the passage of bicycles and motorbikes.

At the top of this steep path, and once you have stepped over or gone around the safety barrier, turn left through the fields and meadows along the country lanes which will take you to the summit and reveal wide panoramas of Theux and its surrounding area,

You then reach the village of Sasserotte which you leave, between the old stone houses, via a narrow single-track leading to a meadow then a maize field. In summer, the maize crops make the path appear impassable but observe the route clearly marked on the ground and head towards the other end of the field which you can exit via a small metal gate.

When you reach the end of the next meadow, you enter the wood below Château de Franchimont before descending left and skirting around old casemates.

You then go down a path on the ground with smooth rock outcrops (be careful in wet weather, it can be slippery) and end up in Marché, right next to the school gate.

Cross the road by taking a few stairs which quickly become a narrow track on the hillside. A final short climb takes you straight through a small grove. Continue crossing a long meadow, which offers a panoramic view of the town of Theux.

This ends with a small metal gate, beyond which you’ll find the other three routes. A sloping road leads you back towards the centre of Theux and your departure point.


Food and drinks recommended.
Mobile phone recommended.
Take care at level crossings and road crossings.
Follow the highway code.