Routes designed


The ExtraTrail concept has been launched in the STAVELOT Commune on September 2016.
The 9 KM, 13 KM, 23 KM and 40 KM routes are operational.


For ease, you can consult the SityTrail maps and download the GPX routes.

You can run freely. The use of the trails is the responsibility of each individual. ExtraTrail cannot be held liable for any damage or injuries caused to users of our trails.

Some bridges or duckboards are not designed to be traversed at speed; ExtraTrail encourages trail runners and Nordic walkers to approach these structures with caution and not to run.

No compensation can be claimed from ASBL ExtraTrail, the owner of the site or the infrastructure manager in the event of incident or accident happening when using these structures along our routes.

In areas frequented by walkers and families, we highly recommend being friendly and courteous so that everyone can enjoy these often unique spots.

This website gives precise indications of the routes, the state of the paths, precautions to be taken, a weather update, practical information and closures in case of a storm warning or hunts.

ExtraTrail Stavelot

Blue trail

13,5 km
Incline +
478 m
Duration 1,5 to 2,5 hours
Difficulty +++

Tourist office (Stavelot Abbey) Note: significant proportion of paved area



All the ExtraTrail routes are worked out in detail to offer a variety of landscapes and a range of technical difficulties. They were created using the "Sity Trail" platform and on the ground they are signposted using easily-identifiable markers.

The 4 Stavelot trails (green 9, blue 13, red 23 and black 40 KM) all depart from the tourist office.

Stavelot Abbey – Glass gallery – Abbey courtyard, 1 – 4970 Stavelot (Belgium)
Tel. +32 (0)80 86 27 06 -
Open daily:10am – 1pm and 1.30pm – 5pm

The red 23 KM and black 40 KM routes are also accessible from the Coo Syndicat d’initiatives
Entrance pavilion, B-4970 Coo-Stavelot (Belgium) - Tel. +32 (0)80 68 46 39

The Stavelot Trail


Stavelot, is the meeting point of a small village brimming with monastic history, the incredible folklore of the Blancs-Moussis and an exceptional natural environment. It also has an artisanal and industrial past and personalities such as Guillaume Apollinaire and Victor Hugo have stayed here. Also, it was here that the mad and destructive dash of the German army (Von Rundstedt Offensive) took place in December 1944 leaving victims and desolation in its wake.

Today, between the excitement of its Francorchamps race track (the best in the world as far as drivers are concerned) and the Coo waterfall, Stavelot has developed its passion for art and culture within the prestigious setting of its Abbey.

What is surprising when you come to Stavelot is that you can pass through the town centre with its rich history in a few strides and quickly be immersed in wild and authentic nature. The region offers incredible panoramas of the spectacular landscapes of the Amblève valley as well as spots where you run on tiptoe hoping to encounter a hare or a deer.