Black trail


Practical guide


Are you ready for something more challenging? This is the black Theux EXTRATRAIL route (37 km and 870 m, D+). Difficult some would say … but beware of appearances because you are going to stretch your legs and be amazed! It will be worth it…

Leave from the town centre (Rue du Pont then Place Pascal Taskin and Rue de la Hoëgne) with the first two kilometres being a bit of a city trail…

This leads to the small village of Spixhe where things get interesting. A great single track separated from the rest of the world leads to a country lane which then takes you to the village of Jevoumont. Just before the hamlet and while you climb, take a look at the building on your left. A country manor out of the ordinary…

The countryside opens up and you then cross the fields. An impressive almost 360° view of the surrounding countryside.

At km 7.5, listen out… Don’t be surprised to hear wolves howling but don’t worry, just like the bears, they are well-fed by the keepers at the Forestia wildlife park on your left. They very rarely attack experienced trail runners.
At km 9.4, cross the N606 at “Le Menobu” towards the Hautregrad crossroads.

Return to the forest to reach La Charmille which leads upstream from Vert Buisson. Measuring 573 metres in a straight line, it is one of the longest paths of this type in Europe. Mostly planted in the late 19th century, this plant tunnel comprises over 4,500 charming plants. Perfectly maintained, it can be crossed without any tools.

Want more? No problem, you are not even halfway… Continue along the path which glides along the edge of the hill between the hills of La Reid and Winanplanche. Straight ahead of you, on the opposite slope, you will see the Lébiole estate and its château which is now a luxury hotel.

A lovely forest path takes you across the N697 below the Maquisard. Here, you will join and stay with the red trail. You then head down towards Marteau via a technical but fun track.

Be careful when crossing the N62. On the outskirts of Spa, the Marteau crossroads offers limited visibility for pedestrians and drivers while vehicles get back up to speed.

After passing behind the service station, turn left under the railway bridge and take a very steep path until you reach a first forest lodge. Turn right, and there is a short descent to meet a lovely vantage point on a ledge overlooking Avenue Reine Astrid (on the outskirts of Spa).

You then reach Pavillon Bernard (KM 22.5) and head deeper into the forest.
You can join the blue Spa trail at km 26 of your route. This is shared with your trail for approx. 500 m. Take the Spa trail, take the right hairpin to continue your descent keeping Ru de Chawion (stream) on your right.

Behind the commercial buildings of BioFagne and Garsou, continue towards Theux along a country lane overlooking the railway line along the right bank of the Wayai (river).

Just after km 28.5, join the blue Theux trail which you will leave then rejoin later.

Enter the Bois de Staneux then cross Route du Congrès de Polleur (road between Theux and Polleur) to reach the village of Sasserotte.

Cross the maize field (in the summer) before entering the wood below Château de Franchimont. You then follow a track parallel to Allée du Château before crossing Rue du Pré l’Evêque below Sassor and reaching the hills of Theux.

Return via an old country lane (Chawieumont) which becomes a road when you reach Theux. All you now have to do is return to the starting point


Drinks and food required.
Mobile telephone and survival blanket strongly advised.