Green trail


Practical guide

and tips

The starting point is in the town centre by Saint Pierre Cathedral and the Malmundarium (Place du Chatelet 9 - 4960 Malmedy). Pass the main entrance by the Cathedral and take Rue Derrière l'Eau. At the end of this road, turn left and take the small paved street (Grètèdar) in an old Malmedy District that you’ll leave almost immediately to your right. Take the single track road that takes you away from the town centre in just a few steps.

The path climbs gently over the contour lines to finally tackle the relief in a zig-zag when you reach the Livremont District. Overhanging just above the residences, the path oscillates through nature with this wood home to several rare plant species but also some geological curiosities such as the pudding (detrital sedimentary rock).
The path takes you to the steps of the “calvaire” (a succession of small religious monuments) then you will descend and follow the rear of the Malmundarium (former Abbey). On arriving at the corner of its perimeter wall, turn right and follow Rue du Rond Thier which will leave you at KM 1.75 by taking a right of way to your left, above a cemetery (along a garage).

At the end of this passage, cross the N68 (take care when crossing it). A little left-right takes you to the large MovieMills car park that you will cross completely by keeping the Warche (river) on your right until your reach the back of the new cinema complex. When reaching the building, turn left to take the wide footbridge allowing you to cross the Warche (river), to see it better pass 100m further along at the corner of an industrial building. The newly-developed cycle path takes you straight on towards the “Mon repos” swimming pool.

But rest is out of the question as, just after the swimming pool, a long hill awaits you on your left. We recommend pacing yourself as the climb is over 2 km. Along the way, don’t miss the lovely Bernister Chapel. Once at the top, take a magnificent little single track road that follows the undulations of the ridge before descending towards Vieille Voie de Liège (wide paved path). At least one of the views over Malmedy deserves a stop to admire the landscape and to take a selfie as a souvenir.

At the intersection of Vielle Voie de Liège and Rue Outrelepont, don’t declare victory just yet, as there is still an obstacle to tackle. The green route climbs one last time to the left along a road shaped by extreme weather. Your thigh muscles will be sore and you will be short of breath. The summit (KM 6.5) offers a reward: a superb panorama freshly cleared by recent logging activity.

The descent occurs at a good pace to Rue Outrelepont, at the end of which you turn right through the “hospital” area via the new footbridge before crossing the courtyard of Maison Cavens, Place de Rome then Rue Jules Steinbach to reach your departure point. Place Saint-Pierre, nearly upon you, opens its arms and it is unlikely that you will be able to resist a beer or an ice cream in one of the many town centre establishments.


Food and drink are suggested.
Mobile phone required.
Take care when crossing the highway (N62). Follow the highway code and use pedestrian crossings by the trail where possible.