Practical guide

and tips

When leaving the Malmundarium, pass in front of the main entrance to the cathedral and leave on your left to join a path at the rear of the building. At the foot of the “calvaire”, the green trail is just a few metres away. As it leaves to the right, continue straight ahead along Rue du Rond-Thier until you reach the N68 (Rue de Grands Moulins).

Turn left then immediately right to cross the Warche over an old paved bridge that is generally blossoming in summer. Then begin a long climb through the Outrelepont district to reach Vieille Voie de Liège, a path that gradually dives into the forest. Don’t forget to look to your left to appreciate the view over the town of Malmedy and its surrounding hills.

At KM 2, turn left into the woods at the foot of the monument to Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918). This is a monument to commemorate when the French writer and poet stayed in the Stavelot-Malmedy region during the summer of 1899 while his mother, a Polish aristocrat, frequented the Spa casino to try and make her fortune. This stay in the region marked the life and work of the artist that was inspired by nature, landscapes and the people around him. It was also here that he met his first love, Maria Dubois, to whom he dedicated three beautiful acrostics. Apollinaire’s stay in Stavelot ended very abruptly when he secretly left the boarding house where he was staying at dawn on 5 October without paying what he owed.

On your right, take a moment to contemplate the landscape before you. It is not uncommon to see fog patches rising from the edges of Warche to envelop the peaks of the Wavreumont hills.

A forest path takes you along a slope for a good kilometre and a half until you pass a tunnel (on your right) under the E42. Cross the N62 carefully just in the tunnel axis to jump down from the road and take a path that borders the meadows located in the small village of Meiz (or Mé). At the end of the single track road, when you reach a small asphalt road, turn almost 180° to your left to reach the N68 that you will cross again but this time to pass under the RAVel Malmedy-Stavelot.

Continue climbing through the woods for a kilometre before joining the road that takes you to the Saint-Remacle Monastery in Wavreumont. The view is simply spectacular and looking to the small summits opposite you, you can see the deforested ridge via which the blue, red and black Stavelot trails leave the abbey town.

Just after the monastery, take a sharp left turn. Note that this is where the connection to the black Stavelot route is found.

Just after the bridge on motorway E42, turn right to follow a road dotted with large muddy puddles. Recent logging operations have cleared the way for a breathtaking view of the surrounding relief.

Cross the small hamlet of Chevofosse diagonally to join a single track road that will take you along a road taking you to the village of Warche. The views are magnificent but, being objective, the noise from the motorway is not the most pleasant.

Fortunately, calm is quickly restored after leaving the village of Warche. By following the watercourse that flows peacefully through a wide isolated valley, you can enjoy the area’s beauty.

At KM 11.5, you leave the stone path to follow a narrow route along the Warche river as far as KM 12.5. On the hillside, you pass through a very wild, wooded area on a rugged single track interspersed with some streams that run down on your right. Be careful of the stones and roots, which are particularly slippery when damp. You then leave the bed of the Warche river to reach the Rock of Falize, which offers a breath-taking view across the valley.

Climb a few more metres and you’ll reach a short asphalt section. Food enthusiasts will be drawn to the La Ferme des Bruyères restaurant with its terrace offering a breathtaking view of the valley you have just climbed.

The small muddy single track road allows you to leave the hamlet of Cligneval taking you to Bellevaux to discover a breathtaking view of the Amblève valley.

Upon reaching the village of Xhurdebise, you will no doubt have the chance to see herds of stags and deer that like to browse around the property's lakes.

Then follow a long descent along the forest path of Xhurdebise until you reach the first parts of Malmedy. A small left-right zig-zag will take you to Rue de la Saint-Martin then to RAVel Malmedy-Waimes (parallel to Route de Bellevaux) where you should turn right before turning left to reach the centre of Malmedy where taverns, brasseries and restaurants worth of a visit await you.

Specificity: a link to the Stavelot Extratrail (black route) is possible at KM 6.1 in the village of Wavreumont. The opportunity for a visit to Blancs-Moussis.


Food and drinks recommended.
Mobile phone recommended.
Take care when crossing roads.
Follow the highway code.
This route includes several sections of side roads or asphalt roads.