Practical guide

and tips

When leaving the Malmundarium (town centre), pass in front of the porch of Saint Pierre Cathedral and skirt around the latter to reach the Calvaire road which will take you to Livremont then to Belvédère.

Then follow the path along the contour line until you reach a junction at KM 2.1. Turn right at a right angle and follow a steep climb towards Jacob’s Cross. Once you have reached the cross, take the small asphalt path leading to the village of Chôdes. At KM 3.5, turn left and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Warche valley and its small tributaries. This is the chance to take a look at where you are heading as you will soon be walking in the hills in front of you.

Then begin a pleasant descent to the Moulin de Bévercé campsite. When leaving the campsite, turn right along to the asphalt road to reach the Nelles quarries making use of the region’s natural stone. Just after the quarry, a small bridge allows you to cross a stream. Climb immediately to the left along the slope to reach a magnificent single track through the conifers. This becomes a path taking you directly to the village of Xhoffraix. Turn right, pass in front of the church, turn left at the corner of the school then immediately right in Rue du Petit Village, a narrow asphalt path dotted with educational panels on the surrounding flora and fauna. Wind a little through the village to reach the meadows below houses and plunge into the woods along a succession of bridges and walkways.

Follow the Pouhon (small watercourse) until you cross the Bayehon stream where you make a hairpin turn to follow the latter.

Just after the Moulin du Bayehon (brasserie) and after crossing a road (beware of the traffic), the Bayehon hills become increasingly magical. Between roots, rocks and blueberries, follow the small single track road along the Bayehon to reach a small waterfall. Take a short break to admire the view and maybe take a dip in the clear water at the foot of the waterfall.

When you reach Vieux Chêne, turn left on the fringes of the fens. Follow the road for 3 KM through plantations of softwood trees with some areas having been recently logged. Calm and solitude reins and the relatively flat terrain is perfect for walking.

At KM18, cross road N68 connecting Malmedy to Eupen via Mont Rigi and Baraque Michel. Beware of vehicles (cars and motorbikes) travelling (too) quickly along this road. Just after crossing, turn right to take a small path parallel to the road that you’ll leave after 500 metres. At KM19, cross the Trôs Marets stream and follow this watercourse to KM 22.6. Some areas by the ravine require caution. A step to the side and you will find yourself 25 metres below on the rocky bed of this tributary to the Warche. Some very slippery sections have been equipped with metal cables to prevent you slipping on the shale rocks that are flush in places.

A little after the cabled sections, turn right over a bridge providing access to a lovely single track road allowing you to leave the bottom of the small valley.
When you reach Ferme Libert (brasserie-restaurant), pass through the BikePark (mountain bike track) by using the 2 tunnels for your safety. Watch out for bikers who use multiple tracks and springboards to perform impressive aerial tricks.

When you arrive at the small chapel, turn left in the opposite direction to the green Malmedy trail to reach the Mon Repos public swimming pool. Follow the swimming pool along the left before reaching the rear of the MovieMills cinema complex.

Stay on the right bank of the Warche until you get to Rue de Bavière. Pass Outrelepont bridge and return to your departure point.

To reward you for your efforts, enjoy some well-earned relaxation. You will no doubt find this by enjoying a beer brewed in one of the many small artisanal breweries in the region.


Food and drinks recommended.
Mobile phone required.
Be careful in the very slippery sections and in the ravine in the Trôs-Marets area.
Take care when crossing roads.
Follow the highway code.
Check the accessibility of the Hautes Fagnes Nature Reserve.