Black trail


Practical guide

and tips

Start from in front of the Sart Tourist Office (easy parking). Bypass the building on the left and take the path starting between the gardens for fast access to the heart of the meadows. Go straight ahead until you reach the motorway viaduct where you should stay right to pass through a wood on a stone path.

There is a crossroad junction at the summit. Take the small path on the right which then heads left and takes you along a small stream which flows into the Hoëgne (river).

Enjoy the roller coaster along a single track which undulates following the ups and downs of the terrain while following the Hoëgne meanders until you reach the entrance to the village of Royompré (2km). Cross the ford or use the footbridge to cross the Hoëgne.

Just before 4km, take the red route to the right and turn left and follow the black arrows. Cross a small ford and follow a sunken and furrowed road (tip: there is a track just to the left parallel with the road which is a lot more practical). You will cross a rather dense forest until you reach 5km where you will cross another ford (Rau de Botné) before heading towards the village of Surister.

When you arrive in Surister, turn left on the main road passing through the village (beware of traffic), pass the church and the police station before turning right and following a slope which runs along a small tarred road.

Keep right then go up left at the junction of a road bordered by hedges which passes through the meadows. Just before 9km (just in front of a cross), turn right and continue until you reach Lantremange farm.

By crossing the N672, you will enter the hamlet of Vervifontaine with a small zig-zag in the village before crossing a few meadows then heading into a wood at the heart of which you will find a few bends before descending and joining the Rau de la Borchêne which you will follow between 14.25km and 15.5km.
You will then reach the Borchêne dam, a small reservoir serving a fishing lake.

Further along, cross the N629 in front of the Hôtel du Lion and take a steep ascent to The Gileppe dam car park. Don’t forget to enjoy the view of the lake from the lookout on your left (or even better: visit the tower where a free life provides access to a 360 ° viewing platform). The La Gileppe tourist area also offers a restaurant, tearoom, an “Accropark” treetop adventure, a playground, hiking and mountain-bike hire. A ideal meeting-point for your family….

The next 5 kilometres follow Gileppe lake with several points of interest among its wild banks.

If you wish to take a break en-route, you can spend the night at the bivouac area in La Gileppe.
For information or permits, please contact the Verviers Department of Nature and Forests (DNF) in advance at +32 (0)87293480 or via email. A booking website is available here.

Head towards the village of Heriester which is at approx. 24.5km.

This little incursion into “civilisation” is short since you will return to the forest after 26 km.

At around 29km, you will link up with the red route to cross the Sawe (river) directing you towards the Rocher de Vilisse which you will approach from above. Be aware that the descent is very technical (little room, lots of rocks and roots and a lot of walkers whom you should treat with respect). Once you reach the Rocher du Bilisse, turn right (the red route is on your left), you will pass a footbridge and you should climb the bank opposite until you reach Dolmen (32km).

You then reach the village of Solwaster (several small cafés and restaurants located in the centre) which will take you to Belleheid (34.5km) where there are also several restaurants and bistros.

You will then return to Sart via the small village of Wayai (36km). When you arrive in Sart, you will be free to enjoy lunch (bar, local shops, bakeries, butchers, pizzeria, fish and chip shop, etc).


Food and drinks compulsory.
Mobile phone required.
Survival blanket and whistle recommended.
This route is very technical: roots and stones may be extremely slippery in case of humidity.
The route passes several private properties which must be respected. Never leave the marked route.