Practical guide


Start from in front of the Sart Tourist Office (easy parking). Bypass the building on the left and take the path starting between the gardens for fast access to the heart of the meadows. Go straight ahead until you reach the motorway viaduct where you should stay right to pass through a wood on a stone path.

There is a crossroad junction at the summit. Take the small path on the right which then heads left and takes you along a small stream which flows into the Hoëgne (river).

Enjoy the roller coaster along a single track which undulates following the ups and downs of the terrain while following the Hoëgne meanders until you reach the entrance to Royompré village (2km).
Cross the ford or use the footbridge to cross the Hoëgne.
You will then begin the long ascent along the forest road which passes through Gospinal forest. Small technical and steep descent on the left then a mountain pass interspersed with a ford (no footbridge > your feet will get wet).

Climb steeply right to reach the pla ce called “Les 7 Frères” (a magnificent oak with 7 trunks (the largest in Belgium)) > don’t forget to read the information panel which tells you all about it).
Rejoin the Sawe (stream) and take a small bridge then a tarred road which will take you to the village of Solwaster from the north west before you begin a climb to the summit of the Rocher de Bilisse (10.5 km).

Very technical descent until your reach Rocher de Bilisse (be careful and follow the marked route). Take the footbridge on your left and head towards Statte (stream) along a very picturesque but very chaotic single track. Take a short break and a selfie in front of the Nutons waterfall (11.75km) then continue your journey by following the Statte which you will follow until you reach La Vecquée (ancient Gallic road, then a Roman road) which lies in the ridge between the Hoëgne and the Statte going towards the village of Hockai. On your left you will see some ancient stone markers which historically separated Belgium and Prussia.

When you arrive at the Centenary bridge (18km), follow the Hoëgne downstream until you reach Belleheid bridge where you will find some restaurants and bistros. This section is also very technical and interspersed with slippery footbridges and slatted walkways which are sometimes damaged so it is a good idea to watch your step.

Please also be aware that many walkers come to admire the Hoëgne river reddish waves jumping from rock to rock. Do not miss the chance to see the Léopold II waterfall and the Reine waterfall (between 20km & 21km).

After Belleheid bridge, you will then return to Sart via the small village of Wayai (23km). When you arrive in Sart, you will be free to enjoy lunch (brasserie, local shops, bakeries, butchers, pizzeria, fish and chip shop, etc).


Food and drinks recommended.
Mobile phone required.
Survival blanket and whistle suggested.
This route is very technical: roots and stones may be extremely slippery in case of moisture.