Practical guide

and tips

Start in front of the Sart Tourist Office (easy parking). Bypass the building on the left and take the path starting between the gardens for fast access to the heart of the meadows. Go straight ahead until you reach the motorway viaduct where you should stay left to head towards Tiège on a stone path.

Pass under the tunnel on your right and take the small tarred path which zig-zags around the village of Tiège. Cross RN629 carefully and you are in the Troisfontaine district. Cross RN640 (beware of the traffic) and pass between the fields towards a small wood overlooking 2 pretty lakes.

Continue, with the small chapel of Notre-Dame de l’Epine on your right, and take a stone path in front of you.

After a gently-sloping kilometre, turn off to the left, cross the ford or over the small footbridge to head towards the Royal Golf de Spa*. Shortly after the golf course, turn left and cross the beautiful hardwood forest of Balmoral. Cross the road and follow the contours above Warfaz lake. At 9.5km, at the Carpodrome height, you will have a steep ascent to what are commonly called “corniches” or rocky ledges.

The route takes you opposite the Lepage bridge lake (be particularly careful here as you will be running by the side of the road for approx. 200 metres. Vehicles travel at high speed and the width of the road makes crossing dangerous). You will reach the corniche ledges further along, this time going towards Sart.


Food and drinks advised.
Mobile phone recommended.
Take care when crossing roads. Vehicles often travel at high speed.
*This 13 km route is connected to the Spa route located shortly after the Spa golf course.