Green trail


Practical guide

and tips

Start from the panoramic tower in the Gileppe lake car park from where the route heads anti-clockwise before crossing the access road and following the lakeshore.

Zig-zag through the forest between 1.5km and 5km which will take you to the tunnel under the N629. When you exit the tunnel, head left to follow a path (initially concreted) which leads to La Borchêne (a small river) where you will descend on your right until you reach a small reservoir forming a lake where fishermen tend to gather.

In the top corner of the lake, take the small tarred road towards the Hôtel du Lion. Cross (carefully) the N629 At 7km and take a quick left-right to head up to the dam with a fantastic view of the lion statue which dominates the valley where the Gileppe river flows.

Cross a footbridge overlooking the runoff from the dam then take the right hairpin to enter the forest (go through a gate to the left of the barrier restricting access to the forest road). Follow a particularly muddy section (beware of ankles) along a single track which gently undulates with the contour of the land parallel to the main route towards Goé. Take a double right at 8.6km to reach a wider forest road which accounts for a large part of the incline.

Return to the lake around 11.25km, cross the dam then head towards the car park using the stairs at the foot of the tower and under the treetop adventure area.


Food and drinks advised.
Mobile phone recommended.
A section of this route is particularly muddy between 8km and 8.5km. Beware of injuries caused by slipping or falling on this very unstable ground.
In case you are tired or become injured, you can shorten the distance by taking a path on the right at 8.75km (then another hard right). This lovely educational (single track) route takes you directly to 10km.
The La Gileppe tourist area also offers a restaurant, tearoom, an “Accropark” treetop adventure, a playground, hiking and mountain bike hire. A ideal meeting point for your family...