Trails in Theux



Connection Theux - Stoumont


Practical guide


The connection between the Theux and Stoumont EXTRATRAIL trails has been created just after Charmille (Vert Buisson) - km 14 of the black trail.

Markers with a VIOLET “CONNECTION” colour code are in place to connect these two running territories.

A special 8 km trail has been developed to allow you to enjoy the beautiful natural site of Ninglinspo (torrent) which runs between rocks and roots between Amblève and Fond de Quarreux.

After reaching the hills of the Ninglinspo, climb again along the Chefna (stream) towards Ville-au-Bois.

You can then rejoin the red and black Stoumont trails (km 8.5 of these 2 trails) by branching off to the right or turning right towards Ville-au-Bois to connect with the Stoumont-Theux connection and return to Charmille.

In this second case, you will have completed a loop measuring approx. 13 km called “the hidden trail” by “Boitheux” who designed it.