Practical guide

and tips

Depart from the Stavelot Tourist Office (glass gallery in the Abbey). Cross the town via Place Saint-Remacle until you reach Avenue du Doyard and Rue Marlennes (note: road N68 has heavy traffic). Continue to climb until you reach a small tunnel (dark and not lit - it may be slippery in winter) through which the Hottonruy (stream) flows. Once you exit the tunnel and cross a small road, continue on the right bank with the Hottenruy on your left and ascend by passing the Vierge chapel then a small lake on your right. Branch off to the right and enter the forested area in the freshly cleared areas. Climb and reach the summit via a forest road. The gradient eases when you reach a grassy, damp firewall which takes you straight to the top of the plateau. On your right, at the crossroads, note the cross of Saint Ferdinand.

Once you get to the summit, the panorama opens out onto the Roannay Valley and while descending you'll be able to enjoy splendid views of the villages of Moulin du Ruy, Borgoumont and Malchamps fens in the distance to the right.

At KM 4.6, you leave the red and black routes by turning right onto a stony path which zig-zags before reaching a small sloping paved path leading to the village of Heilrimont, located at the top of Moulin du Ruy.

At KM 5.6, branch off to the right to run between the meadows and approach the village of Moulin du Ruy via the school (KM 6.5). Please note that at this spot the connection to the black Spa route (30 KM) is 220m away.

Turn right and then right again along a rugged old road along which a stream runs. Then turn onto the paved section which will take you to the village of Exbomont.

Then begin a long steady climb to access the Stavelot slopes and switchbacks to the Abbey city.

At KM 11.75, go along a steep meadow then a wooded section which borders the Hottonruy stream on the opposite side to the one where you started.

Return to the town centre. Bistros, restaurants and tea rooms await you there.


Food and drinks suggested.
Mobile phone recommended.