Connection Stavelot - Stoumont


Practical guide

and tips

Starting from Stavelot and arriving in Stoumont is now possible, thanks to the connection between these two EXTRATRAIL routes.

Markers with a VIOLET "CONNECTION" colour code are in place to connect these two running territories.

These 2 communes are only separated by 4 KM.

The connection is in the hamlet of La Venne, at KM 10 coming from Stavelot (red 23 KM or black 40KM routes). The connection takes you to the Stoumont Public library from where you can take Extratrail Stoumont routes 7, 14, 21 and 30 KM or even re-join the Spa Extratrail via the Stoumont-Spa connection in Vecquée above the village of Monthouet.