Green trail


Practical guide


Starting at the Public library (Route de l’Amblève 45 in 4987 Stoumont), cross the road heading for Roua (small tarmacked path by the Cremers household electrical goods shop). Slowly climb into the Roua district by passing behind the Le Fagotin educational farm, before taking on the first

difficulty: a beautiful little climb which leads you into the forest, right above the village. At the corner of the little "Ardenne Cabane", chalet, turn left and carry on up to the Spa road (1.25km), that you climb back up over one hundred metres before veering to the left to enter the forest again.

Turn left very quickly into a single narrow pass, very hilly by the ravine, and hurtle down along the Nononruy stream. Pass the ford or over the small wooden bridge and continue straight ahead until you approach the bends of the RN663. Without descending to the RN663, continue on the forest path for around 500 metres before climbing to your right (very steep embankments) to the same place where the main path dips into a bend on the right (2.6km). By climbing the embankment, you access a forest path which will take you up to a beautiful height. At the peak, turn left onto a forest path that you leave 100 metres farther to enter the woods. Continue on the main route until you intersect the Fluxys gas pipe (3.9km).

Stay on your right until the RN633, which cuts into Targnon village. Cross carefully (not much visibility) towards the left, then turn immediately to the right to enter the village. First on the left, then still straight ahead to leave the village and join the forest again. At KM6, turn left and begin the climb towards Stoumont (wide bend on the right).

The landscape opens up and already the first houses appear (Lodge 7 Hills). Turn right onto a path up to a bench offering a splendid viewpoint over Amblève valley and over the land of Golf Champêtre. Breathe deeply to approach a last nasty slope which lets you access the lower part of Stoumont village. After one hundred meters (6.75km), go down another little path which winds between the gardens and return to the Public library.


Drinks suggested.
Mobile telephone advised.
Be careful crossing the highway in Targnon.
Do not miss the unobstructed views over the twists and turns of Amblève at the foot of Targnon. By leaving Targnon, come back (at 5:20am) and open your eyes to see the castle sat on top of the village. The return into Stoumont lets you enjoy an impressive panoramic view.