Practical guide

and tips

Like a “Crêtes de Spa” atmosphere... Start by climbing towards the Nouveaux Thermes, detour at Sol Cress and a descent over the Promenade des Français.

Cross at the Avenue Reine Astrid to attack the climb towards Creppe by running along the military area. Pass through Creppe to join Géronstère and the Thier des Rexhons ski slope.

Visit the Bérinzenne Tower and the Royal Air Force monument, before beginning the descent towards the Coupe feu du Tir, crossing the Route des Fontaines and joining the Gué des Artistes to finally reach Spa centre.

Forest paths, clear landscapes, fens filled with water, turbulent streams and lots of duckboards. You are going to take it all in.


Drinks and food recommended.
Mobile telephone and survival blanket recommended.

Don't miss taking a detour to the Bérinzenne Tower: uninterrupted 360° view.

Take care on the extremely rough terrain (steep trenches to climb down) which is  potentially very slippery in the track section that follows the fitness (“vita”) trail, just before it crosses the Avenue Reine Astrid at the Point Carré store level.

This trail finishes on the street (section between the Rue Chelui and the Pouhon Pierre Le Grand monument via the rue de la Sauvenière street).

Be aware and careful of traffic, use the pavements, cross only at pedestrian crossings and follow all safety rules and procedures