Black trail


Practical guide

and tips

A detour by Annette hill and Lubin before plunging over the Promenade des Français to better attack the climb towards Creppe.

Heading for Géronstère by running along the Domaine de Mambaye in view of taking in the ski slope then sinking into the Bois des Vieilles Fagnes, which overlooks Moulin du Ruy.

Climbing again directly towards Andrimont then Chevrouheid, to join Bérinzenne, then continue up to the Gué des Artistes to get to the centre of Spa.

At the hollow of an enclosed small valley, there is a wide forest path, weaving in and out between the fen moor grass and landscapes opening out over the top of the plateau.

You don't run two kilometres without a change in land-type and atmosphere.


Drinks and food compulsory.
Mobile telephone and survival blanket recommended.

Changing weather, according to the slope. Risk of snow in Bérinzenne during winter.

Once in Chevrouheid, look over to the hill opposite you, to admire the Mont des Brumes ski slope.

This trail finishes on the street (section between the Rue Chelui and the Pouhon Pierre Le Grand monument via the rue de la Sauvenière street).

Be aware and careful of traffic, use the pavements, cross only at pedestrian crossings and follow all safety rules and procedures.