Green trail


Practical guide


From the Carrefour Market car park adjoining the Syndicat d’initiative in the centre of Trois-Ponts, take Rue des Villas, then Rue Willy de Backer and keep left to take a stone path.

After having passed the dam bridge and a lake frequented by a colony of beavers, leave the main road to cross the water course on your left via a small bridge located below the embankment. Leaving a small “Pouhon” (source) on your right, head towards the N66 (KM 2), which we recommend you cross with great caution.

When you arrive at this main road, branch off to the right, then immediately left to continue your climb towards the village of Mont de Fosse. After a short section of tarmacked road, turn right again while the main road begins to turn left. Take the path on the edge of the forest until you reach a small water course with a blue metal bridge. Keep left (do not cross the bridge) to take a single track which winds between the conifers.

Follow a stone road to the hamlet of Saint-Jacques (KM 4.8) where you then turn left to take the tarmacked road. Just after the "Le Mont Saint Jacques” guest house, turn right towards the "Les Gottales” holiday resort. Gentle descent to the village of Bergeval (KM 5.5), right, then left to pass between the houses and take a small bridge. Turn left again, then take the central exit at a triangular junction.

Return to the Bergeval hills before plummeting through the wood and taking a large zig-zag to the N68 at the Trois-Ponts municipal pool.

Just after the swimming pool, turn right to access the Beau Rivage campsite. Once you are among the residential caravans, turn left and take a path along the Salm, then deviate slightly to head towards the SNCB station.

When leaving the path, keep left and cross Place de la Gare to access Rue de la Gare to the town centre and your starting point.


Drinks suggested.
Mobile phone recommended.