(UPDATE 01/08/2021)

The flooding in July 2021 heavily impacted our region.
In recent days, Extratrail staff members have performed an inventory of the damage to our routes and have carried out repairs on several sections.

All of the routes are operational except for:
Jalhay red route
Jalhay black route
Theux green route
Trois-Ponts green route

These four trails are temporarily closed because they pass through damaged areas and/or require several bridges, which are no longer secure, to be repaired.


1. For Theux, the starting point for the blue, red and black routes is no longer in the city centre for the time being, but at Château de Franchimont (Allée du Château 17, 4910 Theux). For the red and black routes, you must take the blue route, which descends from the castle to N62 Spa-Theux, and then follow the usual markings.

2. Engie’s works in Coo have been completed and the usual trails on the blue and black routes have been restored.

3. The route for the UTDS race (14 and 15/08) will need to be adapted to bypass Theux city centre and the descent of the Hoëgne river. The organiser of the event, EVOTRAIL, will provide an update about the corrected trail soon.

4. The floods have caused a lot of gully erosion, which makes the terrain very tricky. Caution and vigilance are necessary now more than ever.

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